What We Do

Push Adventures is an inclusive tourism consultancy based in South Australia (SA)

Push Adventures is committed to improving the tourism experience for people with physical disabilities and their chosen travel companions. We take a whole of journey approach to aiming to create a meaningful experience.

The Issues

Information sharing. Websites lack detail.

Everyone should have the choice to participate and therefore travellers need access to thorough information in order to determine if your business is suitable for them. Booking online is almost impossible when a business doesn’t provide clear information about the facilities and services they offer.

Misunderstanding access needs.

It is not all about a ramp. Not all disabilities are visible and every person is unique. There are so many small details which can make the world of difference to a persons travel experience.

Awkward customer service.

There is nothing to fear about providing customer service to people with a disability, start with a smile and a hello, there is nothing awkward about that! Awareness and education is key in order for staff to feel confident in providing an excellent level of service to all guests.

Travel Experience

Young, ambitious and using a wheelchair, we spent 3 months travelling through Europe, the trip of a lifetime on a shoestring budget! Utilising the public train network and backpacking as much as possible, we encountered just about every physical and attitudinal barrier a wheelchair user could imagine. However optimism, resilience and a sense of humour kept us going and we shared in some of the most amazing experiences of our lives. Shortly after returning home we came to the realisation that these hurdles exist right here in South Australia and we now have the determination, means and ability to make a positive impact on the SA tourism industry.

We aren’t expecting all facilities to be 100% inclusive for everyone, but we want to help you to identify and promote how your business already caters for a range of people, providing an inclusive tourism experience. Inclusive tourism is a significant industry sector and by taking steps to be more inclusive you’ll appeal to a wider range of tourists. We can help you to understand how attitudinal behaviours have an impact. How providing detailed visitor information on your website and throughout your marketing materials can attract a wider audience. And how considering small changes to design and facilities can assist in an inclusive experience for travellers of varying abilities.

How can we fix it?

“American adults with disabilities or reduced mobility currently spend an average of $13. 6 billion a year on travel. Creating accessible cruise ships, accessible ship terminals, accessible ground transportation, and accessible tourist destinations is not charity. It is just good business.” Dr Scott Rains, US expert on disability issues.

Accessible travel packages and experiences

We can work with you to create an accessible travel package so that more people can enjoy your experience.

Inclusive Tourism Review

Working with Push Adventures we assist your business in identifying any barriers to inclusion and ways to attract a wider audience of travellers. This three step process with Push Adventures supporting you all the way. Learn more about what’s involved.

Welcoming customer service

If you’ve identified that your business could benefit from some training to provide the best customer service, Push Adventures can make this happen.

Adaptive equipment advice

Think you can jam even more enjoyment into your service with the addition of some adaptive equipment like a floating beach wheelchair, audio/visual interpretations of your tours etc, we can help.

A travel decision is critically based on knowing what to expect of an activity or on arrival at a destination. Inclusive Tourism assists travellers in reducing uncertainty around what to expect. Through provision of information it creates choice and instils confidence to people enabling them to sign up for new experiences. It has a huge impact of reducing travel planning time and a potentially greater impact on attracting a significant portion of the travelling population to your facility.

Inclusive tourism incorporates Universal Design or Inclusive Design, a framework for the design of places, things, information, communication and policy to be usable by the widest range of people operating in the widest range of situations without special or separate design. Most simply, Universal Design is human-centered design of everything with everyone in mind, anticipating the reality of diversity in our bodies and our brains and builds in solutions. Push Adventures is able to provide the motivation and tools to the tourism industry to allow business’ to create accessible environments that enable inclusion.

Public Speaking

Look no further for an inspiring speaker for your next event. Scott will share tales from his life journey and aspirations for his future. He will be sure to leave a lasting impression on you. Please contact us for more information.