Top tips to welcome every-body


Present facts and professional photos of key areas including the entrance and bathroom, that way people can decide for themselves whether or not to participate, according to their own ability.

Develop an access statement! You might think this sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Put together a simple and clear explanation of the services and facilities you provide, written with access needs in mind, and remember all visitors benefit from information that is easy to understand.

Is your language and signage really welcoming? Use the word ‘ accessible’ instead of ‘disabled’, for example ‘Accessible bathroom’ or ‘Accessible path’.

Where are you exactly? Give clear simple instructions on how to locate your business and include any details on any transport options. Consider adding drive times between locations and convenient places to stop off along the way.

Don’t hide information away in PDF format, this isn’t easily read by screen readers.

Every-body uses social media. Get started on your online strategy straight away and make your commitment to becoming more inclusive visible on your website.


Access matters. Don’t forget that if one person in a traveling party has an access need, the whole group, no matter how big, will go to an accessible destination.

Consider simple adaptations such as buying a vibrating clock with flashing lights or lever adaptors, to make taps easier to turn.

Accessible bathrooms should always be kept clean and clear of other furniture, with a soap dispenser and a rubbish bin.


Appoint a responsible ‘access champion’ and include your commitment to inclusion in your strategic plan as well as a regular meeting agenda item.

Remember that around 90% of disabilities are invisible. For example, hearing loss affects more than 1 in 6 Australians. There are simple solutions such as portable hearing loop systems or adding subtitles to your video material that can aid understanding and participation.

Do you offer multiple ways of booking? Does the process allow people to communicate any specific needs to you? Make it easy for people to communicate with you so you can ensure you are catering to every-body’s needs.

Employ staff who like people! And, employ people with a disability or from diverse backgrounds. Keeping your employee base varied will help you do the same for your customer base.

Get feedback and stay in touch, Satisfied customers can be incredibly loyal. Always speak directly to the person with the disability and ask ‘how’ they want to participate. If you are welcoming of people with a disability they will become loyal visitors as well as great advertisements for your business.

If you think you are catering for a diverse enough range of visitors, try looking to your local community for feedback. invite them in to participate and learn from their experience.

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