Inclusive Tourism Review

What's in a review?

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Want to welcome more people through your doors? Access a growing market segment? Improve your business for everyone to enjoy?

If you answered yes, then an Inclusive Tourism Review is for you!

Pre-visit information gathering

Before we visit we evaluate your website and gather information just as a potential guest would.

Onsite Review

We conduct a thorough review of your service and facilities, evaluating against the three most common barriers people can face; Customer Service, Information and Communication and the Physical Environment.

Action Plan

We collate a user friendly report which includes a short and long term action plan. Practical solutions you can start to implement immediately!

Implementation Phase

We’re on hand to provide further consultation to implement change!

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WE WANT YOUR HELP…  to set a new standard of Inclusive Tourism, providing travellers with access to facilities, customer service and information they can trust.

At Push Adventures we are on a mission to improve the travel journey for people of varying ages and physical abilities.  We want business to think beyond compliance, ensuring everyone can participate in meaningful experiences!

Everybody loves to travel.  It provides an opportunity to experience new things, learn about the world and grow as an individual.  People with access needs can struggle to find suitable services, facilities and experiences that they can participate in.

There are often barriers to inclusion that exist within the physical environment, customer service and provision of information.  This can make travelling difficult.  Planning can be time consuming, common feelings of anxiety around the unknown are heightened, and the travel journey can be over before it has even begun!

SO, HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED?  By getting in touch and sharing your accessible business services so we can promote you to our community and ensure everyone is getting the travel experience they desire!